About the College

Our endeavour in the current year will be to help the students to develop an understanding of the process of change and development-both in terms of time and space. In the current context of globalization, the school has a definite and a positive role to play in moulding the students. We have to be prepared to give more attention to inculcate in the students a scientific temper by promoting the sprit of inquiry and following a rational and objective approach. Our school is adequately equipped with all the facilities to face any challenge of the new age . We give training to our wards to maintain emotional as well as mental equilibrium and be prepared to match any eventuality without fear.

                                                                                                                    Prof. Mohd Husain Jafri (President)

There is only one growth are that I feel needs to be improved and strengthened i.e. triangular relationship between teachers, parents and students. Unless this relationship is well-built, the growth and development of the student cannot be guaranteed.

I have a firm conviction and faith that with the cooperation of the parents and our well-wishers, we will continue to serve God Almighty and the nation with our full commitment and dedication regardless of cast, colour and creed.

                                                                                                                    Master Sajjad Haider Jafri (Maneger)